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HiMark Agency

 Premium Quality Products for a happier & healthier life.

Call us today to discuss getting your premium product lines into the finest resorts, hotels, airports, high end stores. salons & spas and a diverse selection of luxury retail locations throughout the world.

HiMark Agency​

Introducing the "retail review" program 

“We will show you how to 10X the customers, sales & overall customer value in your retail store, hotel, resort, salon, spa, gift shop, boutique, high end health store, restaurant or any other retail location.”

Marcus & Hiwot Montgomery

Luxury Mobile Apps

HiMark introduces custom Mobile apps for luxury and High end Health brands

Research shows that stores and brands with mobile apps experience higher customer loyalty, more frequent in-store visits and steady revenue increases.

Source: Business 2 community

HiMark Agency

Bringing high quality Luxury Products to the World's Emerging Markets

What We Do

HiMark takes new and existing luxury products into the worlds emerging global markets. It is our job function to create strategic branding & marketing campaigns for our clients, and to ultimately procure purchase orders with the top higher end retailers, resorts, salons & spas, boutiques, hotels, specialty stores, suppliers and dealerships in the world.

In addition to the United States, Ethiopia and Dubai we are currently working to expand our influence in the countries of Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, China, Qatar and Australia, Saudi Arabia and Italy.

How We Do It

We have been fortunate to be able to bank on over 20 years of experience and industry relationships that Marcus Montgomery has built with a diverse scope of resorts, hospitality consortium's, beauty spa's and luxury retailers.

In addition, Hiwot Montgomery has built a very impressive business database of more than 160 international buyers, distributors and retail managers working as a senior accountant for two of Ethiopia's largest shopping malls, as well as a top international furniture manufacturer and distributor in Ethiopia's capital city of Addis Ababa.

This vast combined network makes it easier for our team to seamlessly integrate new lines into mainstream luxury markets throughout the world. 

Luxury Living with HiMark Brand Partners

The premium look & feel of HiMark Luxury

Marcus & Hiwot Montgomery

It is our vision and passion to bring your luxury product lines into the worlds emerging markets. People are hungry for premium quality products and it is our mission to introduce new and existing lines into the global marketplace. We've established relationships with higher end luxury retailers including hotels, resorts, boutiques, airports, gift shops, salons, spas and a diverse mix of retailers that cater to affluent  and health conscious consumers. We look forward to working with you to turn your brand into a global force.

Marcus & Hiwot Montgomery

What our client's are saying

We are partnering with Marcus & Hiwot to develop our four primary coffee's plus our organic coffee throughout Ethiopia, Dubai and in the United States. We are extremely happy with the upgrades in packaging quality they've established plus the overall vision they've helped us develop for our coffee business expansion.

Haddis Alem - Haddisalem Coffee


What designates a product as "HiMark level luxury"

  • Rarity - limited editions, limited availability and limited production cycles

  • Excellence - Preeminent quality, materials, craftsmanship and standards

  • Expensiveness - Expense alone does not define luxury, but expense intensifies rarity

  • Timelessness - Luxury is timeless. It has a unique story & leaves a lasting impression

  • Brand Value - Luxury brand names evoke feelings of trust, quality & preeminence

  • INTEGRITY- Luxury is honest. It's not a cheap reproduction. It's simplicity is it's attraction

  • CUSTOMIZED- Luxury feels specifically designed, and ultimately unique​

  • SATISFYING- Luxury is pleasurable and gives rational and/or emotional fulfillment.

  • EXPERIENCE- Luxury is an experience not just an object. The touch, smell,, packaging, etc. (an objects context which provokes a powerful impression of what is to come)

Get Pre-Qualified to work with HiMark

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God wants and intends the very best in life for you and your loved ones!!

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

John 10:10

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