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TEMP-CHEK Facial Detection Kiosk

What is Temp-Chek?

TEMP-CHEK is a simple, low-cost, kiosk imaging system designed to automate body temperature and mask screening using infrared facial detection technology. It is capable of screening body temperatures and detects if an individual is wearing a mask at 3 feet of distance (safe social distancing). 

It has storage of +30,000 temperature screenings in database, with a 0.1% error rate. TEMP-CHEK facial detection kiosk automates the temperature screening process at a speed less than 1 second. TEMP-CHEK kiosk delivers the same performance as an infrared temporal thermometer – but with a safe social distance.

The multi-purpose system can be installed as a hand sanitizer, mask detector, access management, or temperature screening system in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to help businesses, institutions and venues reopen a safer environment for their workforce, customers, members and patrons. Easy to install and easy to use, the system can be up and running in minutes. As a leading supplier of automated kiosk technology to the public sector and hospitality industry, our team boasts more than 100 years of experience in the kiosk technology, building thousands of kiosk technology systems world-wide.

How it works

Easy 4-Step Process

Step One

System camera detects face in seconds

Step Two

Infrared reads temperature, detects if individual is wearing a mask, and instantly provides reading on screen in Fahrenheit or Celsius

step Three

Individual is given access to enter location if temperature is normal or alerted to seek medical attention if temperature is abnormal

Step Four

Stranger data and non-stranger data are stored in management portal as secured analytics.

Best use cases

TEMP-CHEK has no limitation regarding where it can be used. You name it, we install it.

Temp-Chek Features

Features & Benefits

  • 8.0” IPS all viewing angle LCD display

  • Industrial-grade appearance, water-proof, dust-proof, stable and reliable

  • Support 30,000 face database. 1: 1 facial recognition rate above 99.7%, 1: N facial recognition rate above 96.75, 0.1% error rate, facial recognition speed less than 1 second.

  • Support accurate facial recognition while wearing mask.

  • Using industrial-grade dual-eye wide dynamic camera, Infrared and LED double light supplement at night. Optional: RK3288 quad-core processor, RK3399 6-core processor, Qualcomm MSM8953 octa-core processor

  • Support body temperature detecting and displaying, 1 meter far distance detecting, 0.2ϒC error, alarming while body temperature abnormal, quick detecting, data deriving

  • Support optional devices: ID card reader, fingerprint scanner, IC card reader, barcode scanner, etc.

  • Support system-grade, APP off-line grade, APP+back online grade API docking, full documents, supporter-development.

  • Support integration with turnstiles and other security access management tools.

  • Traffic Counting

  • Mask Detection

  • FCC and CE certified

Hand Sanitizer Station

Automated hand sanitizer dispenser is optional and may only be attached to the adult height kiosk. 

We also have a variety of top rated, all natural hand sanitizer at great prices.

Contact us for more details.

HiMark Agency

Phone: (208) 703-2849

Languages & Dimensions

Available languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Romanian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish and Russian​


Kid Stand

Height 23.6 Inches, Base 11.1 Inches wide X 10.29 Inches

Adult Stand

Height 44 Inches, Base 12 Inches wide x 10.5 Inches

Tablet Dimensions

Height 14.1 Inches, Width 5.03 Inches

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